My first two weeks of intermittent fasting…

I’m always on the look-out for new ways to make myself feel/be healthier, whether it’s through the food I eat, or something else entirely. I have been hearing so much stuff lately about intermittent fasting and all of the many health benefits it can offer, so I decided to look into it a bit more, to see what I would want to gain from trying something like this.


Wintery Lamb and Barley Soup

In winter, I like to eat soup, but I don’t want it to be watery, unsatisfying mush. I like hearty soups that feel like a meal and fill me up, with some goodness thrown in. My wintery lamb and barley soup is everything I like in a soup, without feeling too heavy, and it has a nice hint of lemon to keep it feeling fresh.

Gut Health

Making Kombucha (Part 1)

I began to drink kombucha a long time ago, when I read about its possible benefits for digestion. Back then there weren’t as many choices of brands and flavours as there are now, and the only place I could buy it was from a few health shops. So, when I began drinking kombucha on a daily basis, my habit became a bit too expensive to keep, and I decided to try and make it myself. It was surprisingly easy, and saved me heaps of money.


Very Ugly Vegan Burger Patties

Lately I have been eating too much meat, so I have been trying to have meat free days as a way to get more plant based food into my diet. Now, I am definitely not vegan or even vegetarian, and, I believe that no food groups should be cut out of a persons’ diet completely, but, I do think that everyone could use more meals that are meat free.

Gut Health

What’s so good about bone broth?

Why don’t I start by explaining what bone broth even is and then I’ll explain what’s so good about it? Bone broth is made by cooking some bones (chicken, fish, lamb, beef, etc.) in a pot of water, over a low heat, for a long period of time, depending on what type of bones you use. The idea is that the gelatin, vitamins and minerals will be leeched out of the bones and into the water while it’s being cooked.

Healthy Snacks

Gingerbread Vanilla Latte Balls

In winter is there anything better than drinking a hot coffee on a cold morning? I don’t think there is, except for a flavoured hot coffee or a hot chocolate. The only problem is, that when flavour starts getting added to the coffee, the sugar content goes up, up, up. This means that a flavoured coffee is really only something I would have occasionally. However, I created these gingerbread vanilla latte balls