About Me


My name is Sally, and I am studying to become a nutritionist at Flinders University in South Australia. I love food and cooking, as well as health, and it is these passions that led me to create this blog, where I am able to share my recipes and health tips to whoever is interested.

When I cook I like to create a cleaner and healthier version of whatever food I feel like eating, with the goal of keeping it as similar as possible to the original version, without all of the nasties (artificial additives, added sugar,unnecessary anything really). None of my recipes will contain garlic as I am allergic, and very few will contain onion, as I am a bit sensitive to that as well. All of my recipes are easy to follow, and most of them can be made in bulk and stored, making them good time savers. I like to create recipes that can be made in bulk and can be stored well or frozen, as they help with keeping the cost down, as well as saving time for the following days.

My best and most reliable tip for staying on track with healthy eating (and sticking to a food budget) is: At the beginning of each week I sit down and plan a menu for the week ahead, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. I find that this saves me time during the week as I won’t need to think about what I want to eat, it also helps me stay on track with eating healthy and nutritious foods, as opposed to reaching for unplanned/unhealthy food when I am busy and hungry. When I write my shopping list, I do it from my weekly meal plan, which saves me money (and food waste) as I am not wondering around the supermarket choosing food that I don’t need, or won’t eat/cook. Hopefully this is helpful, I recommend that everyone tries it to see how they go.